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YY600SZL three side seal and stand up and zipper

This Full-automatic High-speed Three side sealing stand up zipper bag making Machine which is suitable for producing two-layer or multi-layer three-side sealing laminated film bags with zipper (bags for food, washing powder ,drug, seed, garment ,sweets, etc.) which take BOPP, PET, CPP, PE, nylon, aluminum foil and paper as base material. With such characteristics as easy operation, smooth product, stiff and smooth and beautiful appearance, high-strength thermal edge sealing and high pouch making speed, it is a kind of ideal equipment for packing and making bags

Three side sealing stand up zipper bag
Electronic control
Industrial Computer (Hangzhou Xingda)
Main Transmission structure
Eccentric Axis
Power of main motor
3KW/Set(Germany SEW)
Power of main feeding motor
Power of self-support bag feeding motor
180W 2Sets
Traction servo
1.0KW/Set(Japan Panasonic)
Feeding servo
1.5KW/Set(Japan Panasonic)
Tension control
Magnetic powder brake and revolving encoder
Feeding correction
Double road photoelectric(Made in Taiwan)
Feeding control
Hangzhou Xingda
Pneumatic components
Punching cross beam
3 Sets(Two in front on behind)
Punching device
4Sets(Two in front on behind)
Temperature control
20 Pieces
Crosswise heat sealing
4Sets(effective length 640mm)
Longitudinal heat sealing
4Sets(effective length 740mm)
Zipper heat sealing
2Sets(effective length 640mm)
Crosswise cooling
2Sets(effective length 640mm)
Longitudinal cooling
4Sets(effective length 510mm )
Zipper cooling
2Sets(effective length 330mm )
Max width of main releasing roller
Max diameter of main releasing roller
Max size of self-support bag packing
180 mm
Max size of self-support rolled diameter
Size of finished product
Width:600mm Length:400mm to 400mm*6
Bag-making speed
Gross power

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